Free Website Special Offers

All special offers start with the figure 0 (zero), indicating that they all include a professionally crafted showcase website created for you free of charge.

  • Special Offer 0+6
  • Special Offer 0+6+10
  • Special Offer 0+6+10+8 0+6+10+0 (ATTENTION, this update may disappear tomorrow, see below for details)

0 (zero) stands for zero euros

The first digit of each promotion is 0 (zero). Zero euro is what you owe us for the design and development of your showcase website in 2 languages of your choise—your online "business card" or "brochure", which will include:

  • Website structure designed entirely for two different languages chosen by you, such as Italian and English, for example;
  • Linking each individual page to its corresponding one in the other language;
  • Home page (2 languages);
  • In-depth page (2 languages) where you can best describe your business, your values, your thoughts;
  • “About us” page (2 languages) containing contact information and a form for sending messages;
  • Copyright page (2 languages);
  • Privacy policy (2 languages);
  • HTML sitemap page (2 languages);
  • Responsive design that automatically adapts the display of the website to the dimension of the device used for navigation (PC, smartphone, tablet, etc.);
  • Creation of XML sitemaps (preferred format by search engines);
  • Creation of robots.txt file to allow indexing in search engines;
  • Adding of all the necessary codes for a correct SEO (Search Engine Optimization);
  • Adding of all the necessary codes for perfect display on social media;
  • Processing of your favicon image for optimal display on any device;
  • Compatibility with all major browsers at the time of the website release.

6 stands for six euros

The second digit of each promotion is 6 (six). 6 euros is what you owe us per month for:

  • Registration (all costs on us) of a personalized domain of your choice, for example similar to our;
  • Choice and renewal (all costs on us as well) of a fast, secure, and always available hosting service that guarantees at least 99.9% uptime, automatic daily backups, and unlimited bandwidth;
  • Production and installation of SSL certificates (all costs on us, again) to make the site, the connection, and the transmission of information encrypted and secure;
  • Online publication of the website;
  • Submission of the request to search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) for the indexing of the website;
  • Corrective maintenance in case of issues related to website malfunctions;
  • Immediate availability in contacting the hosting provider and solving any problems relating to the functioning of the website.

10 stands for ten euros
(optional service)

The third digit of some promotions is 10 (ten). 10 euros is what you owe us per month for:

  • Monthly update (addition and/or replacement) of the content on the website pages.

8 stands for eight euros 0 (zero) stands for zero euros
(optional services)

The fourth digit of the last promotion is 8 (eight) 0 (zero). 8 euros 0 (zero) euros is what you owe us per month for:

  • Activation of a professional e-mail with the same personalized domain chosen for the website;
  • Opening of a mailbox with username of your choice;
  • Immediate availability in contacting the e-mail service provider and solving any problems relating to the functioning of the e-mail service.

ATTENTION, THIS UPDATE MAY DISAPPEAR TOMORROW: we have decided to offer the professional email at 0 (zero) euros. It's a test to see if we can at least double the number of contracts. However, please be warned: If we don't double the number of contracts, tomorrow, or even later today, the price will be 8 euros per month again. So if you're interested, we advise you to contact us immediately. If you don't contact us now and come back tomorrow just to find that this special update is gone, there's nothing we can do.

No obligation to renew

After the first year, or after each subsequent year:

  • You will have no obligation to renew;
  • We will have no right to ask you for any type of payment and/or refund.

Our contract will be considered concluded in all senses.

Website management

Considering that we will create for you a website free of charge, our only request is to remain at your side in its management for at least 4 years, even non-continuous.

If after 4 years, even non-continuous, of using our services you decide to turn to other people for help, we'd have the obligation to allow the domain to be registered to anyone of your choice and to give you all the files that make up the website without requesting any further compensation.

What do you think? Let's get started?

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Free Website Special Offers


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