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From: Giuseppe Romanazzi
Monday, 11:59 AM, Shanghai, China

Dear Friend,

In this section of the website, you will discover how to save hundreds of euros in creating your professional website. This is true whether you use your site to promote your business or fill it with what you want to share about your private life with your friends.

As you may have noticed, the one-time cost for creating a website ranges from a minimum of a few hundred euros to even thousands and tens of thousands of euros.

Here, however, we give you your professional showcase website, whatever solution you prefer, as a gift. Before moving forward, perhaps it is necessary to explain some things, such as what is meant by a professional website.

What is a professional website?

Do you mind if I first emphasize (a lot of emphasis), what is NOT a professional website?


I hope not to offend any web designer friends, but I have noticed a tendency in many web designers to unleash their artistic vein at the expense of what really matters: your interests.

Or am I wrong? What matters more to you, that those who visit your site say "what a beautiful site" or that they purchase your products/services?

You might be persuaded to need a "modern" website, and your creative friend "beautifies" it with elegant vector images, cute animations, elaborate jQuery slides, high-resolution full-page background photos... as if you were going to frame it and hang it in an art exhibition.

Instead, what you would get, among other things, are 1) unacceptable loading times and 2) a loss of interest in what you write in favor of unnecessary images. These are just two aspects, but both crucial, because 1) many potential customers would be annoyed waiting for a slow website to load and 2) it's in what you write (or say in a video) that holds the key to converting a reader into a customer.

At this point, I'm sure it's clear that the goal is not just to open a website but to increase income by adding value to your business.

What do we mean, then, by a professional website? We mean a site with features aimed at promoting your profession, your business. A site that "converts," meaning that it converts a reader visiting the site into a customer.

Our showcase website, if you follow our suggestions on what to include in the content, will convert!

What is a showcase website?

A showcase website provides information about a company, a professional, or an organization, presenting and promoting its products or services.

However, purchases cannot be made on a showcase website. In the latter case, it is called an e-commerce website.

What is an e-commerce website?

An e-commerce website adds to the features of a showcase website the ability to buy and sell goods or services through the Internet.

An e-commerce website extends the counters of a store to reach all ends of planet Earth.

Payment can be made by debit or credit cards (prepaid or not), PayPal, Google Pay, WeChat, AliPay, direct debit to a bank account or any other type of digital wallet.

Usually, these types of sites use a shopping cart, allow users to create accounts, and list various products, allowing users to view their features in detail.

What types of sites you DO NOT want to have

You will not want a site with a third-level domain (as if, for example, this website were instead of

A professional site must have its own second-level domain. Otherwise, you would not seem credible and would transmit to your potential customers a strong signal of unreliability and instability.

This is true whether you want to promote your business (corporate, entrepreneurial, freelance, trader, etc.) or if you want to show yourself to your friends without constraints, going beyond the limitations and impositions of simple social accounts like Facebook, Instagram, X (Twitter), etc."

Examples of Showcase Websites

The following are examples of simple and perfect showcase websites. The activities described are obviously pure fantasy, but the way they are promoted follows the best standards of web marketing.

As you look at them (click on the images to open the sites), between one laugh and another, seriously consider that anything can be modified according to your needs. If you need a square website, we'll create it square; if you need it round, round; but also triangular, three-dimensional, four-dimensional :-)

Home Injections of Smoochy Mosquito Showcase Website
Example #1 of showcase website: Home Injections of Smoochy Mosquito (Make your friends laugh by sending Smoochy Mosquito via WhatsApp, Facebook, X (Twitter), Pinterest, LinkedIn) see note #
Cleaning Company Antie Crumb Showcase Website
Example #2 of showcase website: Cleaning Company Antie Crumb (Make your friends laugh by sending Antie Crumb via WhatsApp, Facebook, X (Twitter), Pinterest, LinkedIn) see note #
Capuchin Monkeys Animation Ltd. Showcase Website
Example #3 of showcase website: Capuchin Monkeys Animation Ltd. (Make your friends laugh by sending the Capuchin Monkeys via WhatsApp, Facebook, X (Twitter), Pinterest, LinkedIn) see note #

Example of E-Commerce Website

As in the previous examples, the activities described in this example of an e-commerce website are purely fictional, but you will notice the many potentials offered by the exceptional purchasing system used.

In addition to the classic and vital shopping cart and online payment, you can also configure:

  • Unlimited quantity of categories, products, and manufacturers;
  • Unlimited quantity of descriptions, features, models, sizes, colors, etc.;
  • Returns management;
  • Multilingual management;
  • VAT management;
  • Currency management;
  • Discounts;
  • Gifts certificates;
  • Shipping weight calculation;
  • Product comparison;
  • Product reviews;
  • Inventory management;
  • Customer accounts;
  • Affiliate program;
  • Backup and restore tools;
  • Sales reports;
  • Printable invoices;
  • ...

Here is the example:

Sale of shiny objects by Maggy Magpie Showcase Website
Example of e-commerce website: Sale of shiny objects by Maggy Magpie (make your friends laugh by sending Maggy Magpie via WhatsApp, Facebook, X (Twitter), Pinterest, LinkedIn) see note #


If your doubt is:

You: "But what do I choose? A showcase website or an e-commerce website?"

I would answer:

Me: "Get your showcase website as soon as possible, even now. It's free. Then, when the time is right for you, enhance your showcase website with all the features of an e-commerce website. You won't need to change anything on your showcase website, neither domain, nor graphics, nor content, nor anything. It will be much more powerful, though, as you will add all the e-commerce functions you need."

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In faith,

Giuseppe Romanazzi
CEO, Biaoyu Business Consulting Services LTD

P.S.: of course, we understand that you may have extraordinary needs and want to hire us for a fee. In any case, you can count on us because we are both available and capable of creating your website in any way you want.

* The offer of a free showcase website requires that you entrust us with the management of the site for at least 4 years, even non-consecutive. (back to the article)

# Feature that few sites have: when you share on social media the links of the showcase website examples you find on this page, notice how the fun images are automatically shared too! Try now by sending the link of Antie Crumb's website to WhatsApp, for example. (back to the article)

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