How to increase sales, prices, customers, and revenue with your showcase website

From: Giuseppe Romanazzi
Wednesday, 8:10 AM, Shanghai, China

Dear Professional, Trader, Friend,

do we share even more in 2024 the following objectives?

  • Working less and earning more;
  • Increase the number of customers;
  • Earning the trust of those who haven't even contacted us yet.

On this page, you will discover 1) why opening a personal website will help you achieve the aforementioned goals and 2) what to write on your site and how to write it.

This is true even if you tell me, "I already have too much work!" and "I don't have time to manage a website!"

In fact, if you already have too much work (lucky you, many will say), this is the perfect time to raise the perceived level of your quality and start applying higher prices or fees, starting with the new customers who contact you through the website.

IMPORTANT ON PRICES: If you promise a very high-quality service, if you even say that "you are the best" (never say that yourself, though! ... have your satisfied customers say that in the reviews you will want to publish on your website), but then you charge a bargain-basement fee, you send a mixed message and create doubts.

Everyone knows that "quality doesn't come cheap," so apply rates in line with your promises, making it easier for future customers to trust what you promise.

Success Story: I guess you already know that here at we give you your professional showcase website for free. However, to avoid giving a wrong idea of our free offer, you will have noticed that we immediately say that we require to manage your website for at least 4 years. For a fee. Even if still at rates proportionate to the activities required by a showcase website.

Why does even a simple showcase website achieve such a results?

For at least four reasons:

First, the very existence of a personal website raises, even unconsciously, the perception of your professionalism by potential clients.

Second, the content of your site demonstrates your competence even to strangers.

Third, the statements made on the site are indeed "in black and white," thus increasing your credibility.

Fourth, what you write on your site increases your own self-esteem and encourages you to continue to commit with constancy and dedication. This can only result in an even better relationship with your customers.

What to write on your website?

What should your website contain to convince the potential customer and make them choose you?

Some factors depend on the type of activity carried out, but there are some technical and image aspects that are common to all activities.

Technical features of the website

The website MUST... :

  • ... have a personal second-level domain;
  • ... open quickly;
  • ... have a secure connection (https);
  • ... interface well with social media platforms (meta og);
  • ... be optimized for search engines (SEO);
  • ... have a responsive design that automatically adapts the display to the dimensions of the device used for navigation, making the website perfectly readable on both the smallest cell phone and the maxiscreen of Times Square;
  • ... be connected to an email service with the same domain;
  • ... work! All pages and images must open, the links must be correct, and all elements of the page must be visible within the screen borders.

The website MUST NOT... :

  • ... contain any grammatical or spelling mistakes;
  • ... force the user to scroll horizontally;
  • ... display anything upon opening that implies you have to WAIT to start seeing something—no rotating circles! no dots! no percentages!
  • ... and even if there is nothing that implies you have to wait, it MUST NOT MAKE YOU WAIT in any case.

Your image

Put yourself in the shoes of someone who calls you to request your services. Do they know you? Most likely not. If you don't know someone, it's normal to wonder:

  • Is this person serious?
  • Does this person work well?
  • Would this person cause me trouble?

Your personal website must answer the above questions and convince the readers that you will improve their life in some way.

It must make you known to readers and eliminate any anxiety and uncertainty. After reading and seeing what you present on your website, even the reader who has never met you or heard of you will trust you and already feel a connection with you.

But what do you need to write on the website to add value to your image and/or that of your company? Again, the answer depends in part on the type of activity carried out. But there are some aspects that are common to all activities.


  • Convincing, motivating, and concise titles. Anyone arriving on your page must immediately exclaim, without even having to scroll down, "I found what I was looking for!" The title must also capture attention and arouse curiosity. To choose what to write in the titles, you must know well and anticipate the needs and desires of your potential customers.
  • Positive reviews, testimonials, references. Ask some of your satisfied customers to write a review in their own words. With their permission, publish their names, contacts, websites, and even photographs!
  • What makes you, or your product/service, different from the competition.
  • Clear explanations of how your product or service benefits the readers by solving their problems or fulfilling their desires.
  • Mention objections that may be raised and overcome them by providing realistic solutions.
  • Use conversational language understandable to everyone.
  • Use subtitles, boxes, and bulleted lists well to make reading smooth.
  • Use persuasion based on true and shared facts.
  • Create urgency, for example with offers with deadlines or limited productions.
  • Tell stories about you (at the right time and without exaggerating) and mention significant anecdotes in order to establish an emotional connection. Your future customer instead of saying, for example, "I'm going to the computer store," will say "I'm going to Joseph's"!


  • Do not divide the text into giant paragraphs, as they scare readers and are only partially read.
  • Avoid long sentences. Those who come to your website do not do so as if they wanted to read a novel.
  • Do not talk too much about yourself or your services and products. Instead, focus on how your customers would benefit from them.
  • Avoid using technical jargon understandable only to a few.
  • Do not exaggerate with slogans and overly biased statements that may seem false and insincere.

What is your experience?

Would you like to share, even anonymously, your experience? While browsing the internet, which sites did you like? Which ones you didn't? Why? Thinking back to when you chose to buy a product/service online, what convinced you? What were you looking for? Why did you decide to choose that professional/product/service? Which aspects mentioned on their website attracted you in particular? What about the websites you immediately discarded? What did you dislike?

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I can't wait to read your message!

In faith,

Giuseppe Romanazzi
CEO, Biaoyu Business Consulting Services LTD

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